2001-2010 Sportage No Heat Solved



So, out of the blue, my 2008 Kia Sportage LX 2.0l stopped blowing warm or hot air onto the windshield, into the passenger compartment. I fought my way to the engine-to-heater-core hoses, disconnected them from the thermostat housing, hooked up a water hose, and back flushed the hearer core. There had been a blockage. Hooked it all back up, carefully refilled the cooling system, cognizant of purging ALL air from the system.
Still no heat.
I began researching and speaking with Kia professionals, mechanics. We surmised that the temperature control actuator may have failed. Before tearing into the whole shebang, I tried one more, non-invasive diagnostic.
I turned on the AC. Worked fine. Then I switched everything to HEAT.
Suddenly, I heard the glorious growl, of the "door" switching airflow between the evaporator and heater cores.
When I turned the engine off, I heard the "door" growling back to its neutral position.
For now, heat is restored and I'm thrilled.