acceleration hesitation



New 2023 Sportage EX Hybrid has acceleration issues. When slowed to approximately 1 to 2 mph and attempt to accelerate the vehicle moves slightly then stalls for a moment or two, followed by quick acceleration . Close to being broadsided traversing a four lane highway two days after purchase.


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2017 Sportage AWD-LX. 33,000 miles. It has had all regular services by our local KIA dealer. I run Techron through it about every 2,000 miles or so to maintain injectors and fuel system is clean.

We had some significant show in our area early this month (March '23) and I had some wheel slippage getting through some deep snow, but wasn't officially "stuck.". I noticed the other day that on occasion it's slow to accelerate, feels kind of "mushy" on the pedal until it gets a little more up-to-speed. I keep it in ECO mode almost all the time. Wondering if I have a real issue to take to my dealer for further diagnosis to see if it's thrown any codes.