ESC C123501 and LKAS C164286


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I bought a 2023 Kia Sportage EX about 3 weeks ago. Had to take it to the dealer a few days after I bought it. Came up with several warning lights including “Check Blind Spot Security System”, “Check Forward Safety System”, “Check Lane Safety System”, and “Check Driver Attention Warning (DAW) System”. Electric Stability Control, Auto Stop, Master Warning, Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Keeping Assist, and Downhill Brake Control warning lights are all on. All these features are not working. They were not able to replicate the error and told me it just needed a software updated. Picked it up today and encounter the same problem. Thorugh the Kia Connect app I found to two codes ESC C123501 and LKAS C164286. Anyone has experienced this issue before?


Yes, my daughter's 2021 Elantra had the same issue with the warning lights coming on. We just got the car back today and they found error code C164286 with is for the forward camera. They replaced the camera and everything seems to be working.