European-spec Sportage to be Launched in September

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Yesterday, Kia released the first sketches of the 5th iteraction of its Sportage SUV. The vehicle teased corresponds to the new long wheelbase model that will be offered in South Korea or the United States, which is set to be released on its local market as soon as July.

But for the European market, Kia will launch an specific model, with shorter wheelbase and around 4,50 meters. This specific model, that will have almost the same design despite smaller details like the bumper design, is set to be released in September.

The confirmation comes from Kia Europe’s Marketing Director, Carlos Lahoz. Despite the European press release says “more details will be revealed in September”, Mr. Lahoz directly says it will be released in September. So that’s a big difference.

The All-New Sportage will repeat the same formula used by the Hyundai Tucson. Currently Hyundai’s brother from another mother has two versions, a regular one sold in Europe (4,50 meters) and a long wheelbase model stretched to 4,63 meters for countries like South Korea, USA or Australia. The car looks almost the same despite the longer rear door and bigger rear overhang. Read more...