First underwhelming tow experience with Sportage(long)


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Traded in an awesome 2016 Soul for my 2020 Sportage AWD. The reason for the trade in was the Soul supposedly has 0 towing capacity. I own a 4x8 Teardrop trailer that scales out at 650 pounds. I towed it from Montana to Washington with the Soul, with out a hickup, despite no tow rating. So I buy a 2020 Sportage AWD with supposedly 1600 or 1800 towing capacity. Well loaded up the Sportage and the Teardrop and hit the road for a 6 week road trip. 2 days in to the trip I returned home. The towing with the Sportage was an exercise in futility.

I was on a narrow, winding 2 lane road in Idaho On one side is a river and the other is rock cliffs, no pullover space. The Sportage decided to go in to limp mode with no warning. There was a line of cars behind me who were unable to pass on this curvy road while I was driving 5 mph for about a mile. Stepped on the gas all I wanted it would go no faster. A couple minutes later it just started and ran like normal.

3 miles up the road was a campground so I pulled in there and came home today because I no longer trust the Sportage. My gas mileage went to 14 mpg while towing. Now i'm afraid it's going to leave me stranded. I live 35 miles from the nearest town and need a reliable car. Sportage now has 8,000 miles. I'm of the idea it's useless to call KIA because there were no codes thrown