Headlight Condensation


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Hey People!! Glad I found this site.

We just purchased a new 2020 Sportage. One headlight is gettin water condensation inside. The service manager says it's within "parameters".

I've never heard of water in a headlight within parameters.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


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upon more research, seems like Kia has a history of moister in headlights all across their models. They are also known for a BS bulletin stating it's normal and avoiding the problem.

On this new Sportage only one headlight has the problem. I find it very weird and annoying. Driving at night with condensation on any lens is a safety issue.
2019 Sportage GT line S Condensation in both front lights. Told by dealer to run engine for 30 minutes with headlights on and it should clear. So okay to pollute the atmosphere for 30 minutes to sort a design fault?


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After I bought my 2021 Sportage and was thumbing through the owners manual I read a section that stated condensation in the headlamp was normal. Which I also agree is unsafe and odd to consider normal.. have you found any ways to mitigate this issue? I haven’t had any issues like this so far but also live in a dry climate.