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Bought a nice little 2008 Sportage 2.0l with the 4 speed automatic and the bells and whistles they came with. I do as much of my own work as possible. This is proving INCREDIBLY MIND NUMBING STUFF!!!! Why? Just trying to find out HOW MANY drive belts I have and WHICH they are depends on which auto parts store or on line site I contact! Trying to get the right timing belt replacement kit is no less vexing.
So, tell me, PLEASE TELL ME, how can I know the following:

The plastic cover over my spark plug wires and my VIN suggest I have a G4GC engine. BUT that's just the beginning it seems.
Do I also have a CVVT engine? What tells me if I do or do not?
How many horsepower does it have? (need to know that it seems)
Does the timing belt kit interchange between the G4GC and G4GF engines?
EXACTLY WHEN did Kia STOP using the G4GF engine and switch to the G4GC? (It makes a difference.)

It goes on an on, it seems.
I THOUGHT I was buying a vehicle, for which I could get the right ANYTHING without having to tell how many doors it has, whether it's 2 or 4WD, what month was it manufactured, at what plant was it manufactured.
I thought I left all of that behind, when I rid myself of the problematic Honda Civic that drove me nuts.

Knowledgeable people PLEASE HELP!