How Does This Work?


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It's a stupid question, for which I can find an answer NOWHERE! My 2008 Sportage LX 2.0l has THREE heater/AC controls incorporated into the dash, right?
The one farthest to the right selects either cold or high air blowing from the vents. Press it in the activate the AC compressor.
The biggest dial, in the middle, selects the direction of the air blowing from the vents. Press it in and you either recirculate interior air or use outside air.
The one all the way to the left is the mystery dial. It has something to do with controlling the blower fan. WHAT?
It has a MINUS and a PLUS symbol.
What are those symbols trying to tell me? What is supposed to happen if I turn this dial all to way to the MINUS? What about the PLUS?
Neither the owner's manual nor a Kia shop manual address the workings of ANY of these three dials!!!!


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