Is this a scam? Say it ain’t so Kia…


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Just left my ride at the dealership for them to sort out this issue that has them all stumped! I’m steaming. Backstory is… Got it April one of the first they had so no accessories were yet available, From the hype videos we wanted the ambient lighting, cargo liner, weather tech mats, the woiks! Been salivating looking at videos in the Kia App under manuals like this one … attached the screenshot of how it looks currently
The video clearly shows these are parts for 2023 Sportage. So I check in with the dealer who says that the parts are in… I finally got the mudflaps, better mats, cargo cover and the interior lighting kit drop it off for dealer to installs the lighting, went back 5 days later and they think they’re done but not sure - it’s uh not at all what’s shown in the video! The dealer doesn’t know how to connect it to the digital cluster and instead rigged a little button above the phone charging mat that you’re supposed to press to change colors…wait what? I showed the video, they don’t know… I asked if it’s It’s always on? They don’t know,. I asked if when you’re driving you have to look at your feet and see what color you want it to be? Hardly seems safe. They don’t know, I asked well when you install a new piece of hardware there’s usually software too, you know for the digital cluster… they don’t know. Nobody knows nothin’. Is this normal? How does it get integrated? Car is in the dealership’s garage till they figure it out. What do you think?


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