Just bought a 2020 Sportage LX AWD...


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Well I bought a Pacific Blue 2020 Sportage LX AWD last year this time and I am totally underwhelmed with it. I traded in a KIA Soul I loved for the Sportage. I now have 8,000 miles on it. I will say the AWD and the locking differential are killer. Goes through snow better than some 4wd trucks I've owned. But that's where it ends. A totally unexciting car to drive. Yesterday while on a curvy winding 2 lane road with no pullouts it went in to limp mode. No codes thrown. Just like it ran out of gas, Probably 15 or so cars behind me while i'm poking along about 5ph with the flashers. A couple minutes later it just started back up and ran normal.

Now I wonder when it will do this again. Everything I've seen on line says if there's no code KIA won't be able to decide what the problem is.

Android Auto works when it wants to.

So after a year it is just a car.