My Final Attempt at Trying to Get Assistance Through This Medium


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As stated twice before, I have a 2008 Kia Sportage LX 2.0l G4GC engine. Here's the latest issue, for which I'm hoping to get a knowledgeable response.
This vehicle has a cigarette lighter, and forward and rear power ports. When I purchased my Sportage, the front power port was dead. The rear power port was hot all the time and we used the cigarette lighter to charge our cell phones, while traveling. I decided to fix the front power port and ordered a KIA OEM port from Korea. It arrived, I pulled the center console, and installed the new port. It worked fine, for two days. I did a continuity test and learned that there was power, up to the port itself, which indicated, to me, that I was probably dealing with an intermittent grounding issue. I was going to pull the center console, again, and run a separate ground wire, in the hope that that would fix the problem. However, before I could do that, I found that NONE of our power ports work now! None.
I checked the three fuses, in the dash mounted fuse box. Fine. I performed a check, for power, at each of the three interior fuses. Nothing. I checked the engine compartment fuse box for a master fuse or relay that might control all three power ports. Nothing.
Does ANYBODY have any ideas?