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Hi all. Ok, so I bought a 2012 Sportage manual 2WD 1.7 TDI Eco 2 just two weeks ago (111,000 miles otc). I found the following issues and the dealer is trying to tell me all are 'common' on this car, any ideas / advice please?:

**Clutch Peddle: The biting point is less than one centimetre off the floor.
**Gears: Reverse crunches LOUD every time, sometimes 3rd & 4th also crunch.
**Power: Couple of times, it's been very slow to respond when placed in 4th gear, then after a few seconds it 'kicks in' (I drive like a 50yr old dad, as I am!)
**Audible Alert: Every time I open the drivers door (only drivers), I get a loud chime from the centre of the rood lining that sounds 7 times. No keys left in, no lights on, no indicator left on. ALSO, I get NO chime if I DO leave the keys in, light on and indicator on?!
**Start / Stop: Only 3 times has the Start / Stop kicked in when stationary at traffic lights. I take it out of gear, lift the clutch and apply the handbrake. The engine 'stops', but doesn't restart when the clutch is engaged, brake peddle pressed etc. I have had to turn the key to re-start the engine?! On the same note, the button on the right below the steering column sometimes illuminates and won't allow me to switch it off.
**Sunroof: The sunroof sounds like very loud cracking glass every time it initially opens. The buttons are also very temperamental.

Sorry it's a long list, but this is my Kia experience at the moment!

Thank you kindly


Clutch biting point sounds like hydraulics need bleeding, this could also be the problem with the crunching of gears. Unless the car has a clutch cable then this would need adjusting.