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I bought a 2020 Pacific Blue AWD in April. Went with Sportage after having 2 new KIA Souls previously. I have to say as far as the AWD it is excellent. I have driven in 2 storms so far where cars were slipping and sliding and the AWD never spun a tire.

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Welcome aboard! And thank you for signing up. Congratulations on your new Sportage! What did the Sportage replace for you? I'm glad you found us. :)
The car we replaced was a Prius. We have had very good luck with Toyota products. The best vechicle I've ever owned was a '92 4-Runner. My father in law had a Kia Sorento. He loved the warranty and service. He actually just replaced it with a new Sorento. So, after discussing it with him, and due diligence, we opted on the Sportage over a Rav-4.

We don't need all wheel drive and got the front wheel drive option. It's a good ride. It has more bells and whistles than I need. :) But the wife likes them. She's the one driving it.

Looking forward to learning about Kia's on this forum.