Red car image on dashboard



Totally excited! After driving Kia Sportages since 2002, I never saw a Hill Descent Control. Found time late this afternoon to look again - and there it is!
Possible my knee has hit it a few times (on and off). Dealership were about to charge me $149 for a diagnostic test (from a non-service staffer). Morning of the meet, I canceled. Never heard back. Thanks so much for the tip!

V Peyton

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Makes sense. It stays on until I turn the car off. Once when I started it had a green light with same image.
Bobby, you have no idea how much I appreciate you. It is icy and snowing here in Raleigh North Carolina, but before it fell I went out to my car and look at the dashboard. I've owned Kias for over 15 years. This is the first one with this button. You solved the mystery. Possibly my knee was turning it on. A dealership repair shop wanted to charge me $149 for a diagnostic check.

I am so grateful to you.