Roof racks for 2022 nq5 sportage sx flush roof rails


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I am fortunate to have a (all new) 2022 Kia Sportage sx NQ5. I want to get a set of roof racks for my hobie pro angler kayak. Kia have changed the profile of the flush rail to the previous model. I have been to several roof rack shops here in Sydney Austaralia & no one can supply roof racks for this vehicle yet! Ideally i am wanting a quality brand like Thule, Rhino, or Pro rack, and as far as i can gather none of these companies have produced foot to fit the profile of the rail on this latest model. Does anyone know when/ if these are/or will be available? Or if there is a workaround? If there is, any brand part numbers that you know will fit? ( and carry the weight) would be ofassistance. Until then, it looks like I wont be fishing!
Any assistance appreciated