What did you do to your Sportage recently?

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this should be fun and informative, plus hopefully it gets others to post more often so this forum grows, I really like the design of this forum compared to others..

ok here it goes

I have a 2017 Sportage 2.0L and instead of going to the pricey dealership to flush all fluids out, I went and bought my own, from the oil, to transmission, coolant and filter and will be taking it to a local place to change, which will save me tons of money. Plus this stuff lasts and is rock solid, been using it in other vehicles for years:


Also going to get some nice new tires and a bike rack. Ok your turn.


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My 2017 Kia Sportage would not go into gear and also no brake lights. Had to open the little gear box and use a screw driver to pop into gear. Dropped it off at a reliable mechanic. Anyone ever had this happen?