Why Not Better MPG?

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So I bought a nice, 2008 Sportage LX, with the standard SUV bells and whistles. With a small 2.0l engine, I anticipated highway MPG of at LEAST in the low 30 mpg. I'm incredibly.disappointed to learn that, at best, it looks like the high 20's is what I can anticipate. This is after switching to 5W20 full synthetic oil, changing the spark plugs (iridium), plug wires, air filter, insuring tires are properly inflated, etc.. Dealer tells me what Im.getting is typical and it's down to ECU programming, for which nothing can be done. My Mazda Tribute, also loaded and with a 1.7l engine, got at least 10 mpg MORE! What say you?


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high 20s???? I would be happy with that.

Considering I have only filled up 6 times, I am at an avg. of 19 mpg.

High was 23

I also only have about 1500 miles in it too, so it may get better.

I am hoping for around 23 or so.


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I drive uber in my 17 Sportage lx and I am getting 29~33mpg. Burns a little oil but it has 113k. When new, before uber, I was getting 34. I am going to do a tune up soon.